ink on paper WIP

ink on paper

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skulls and fish

pencil on paper

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thank you!

ink on paper

You can see the process and more in:

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Finished! this is the second work for my "Circulos do inicio" series.

Done with charcoal pencil on A3 paper size.

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I stopped for two weeks, but came back to draw today.

still in progress, but I’ll finish soon.

started a new drawing with charcoal pencils

Natureza industrial - Old Works

Pencil, color pencil and watercolor on A3 paper


this is a digital study

"Círculos do início"

2014 - pencil on paper

Possession - 03  “Hope”

pencil, color pencils on A2 paper

The last of 2013

Happy new year!

ballpoint on paper

Autumn oblivion

this is a study of colors and techniques of pastel pencils for my next drawings.

cicada exoskeleton study

ballpoint on paper

Possession - 02

pencil on paper