I'm an illustrator based in Brazil. 
If you like my stuff and want to ask me anything, feel free to send me a note or e-mail to:

thanks for your attention! 

I started a series of small drawings to illustrate an old poem ” A seca no Ceará” written by Leandro Gomes de barros, for a project to a friend.Iniciei uma série de pequenos desenhos para ilustrar um antigo poema “A seca no Ceará” escrito por Leandro Gomes de Barros, para o projeto de um amigo.

nohitler said: you work is such an inspiration for me! I love you drawings and tattoos. How do you come up with most of your ideas for drawings?

Hi! Thank you so much! my ideas come from elements of nature, animals and skulls, I think I really like skulls haha. I usually use references for my work but always changing and creating from that point. Many artists, songs influence me too.

 a small black rat tattoo. Thanks for looking!
Ratão do trigs, Obrigado!
work finished! this is my second attempt… Thanks for looking!
Tattoo finalizada, minha segunda tentativa. Obrigado Pablo!

woodss said: Your work is absolutely beautiful and so inspirational.

Thank you a lot for the kind words!

"Harmony" 2014
pen ink on A4 paper
Thanks for looking!
Started a new stuff. WIP

Started a new stuff. WIP

work finished.
Thanks for looking!


some sketch…maybe I put ink on it some day.

martinlacassephoto said: Totally amazing art work! I am glad I discovered this blog!

Thank You very much!

First session, in progress.
Caveira do Pablo primeira sessão, em andamento
Done my first experience with tattoo on my friend! it was difficult, but I really liked! I will post others soon.

creepyartetc said: Hello, I was wondering if I could post some of your art in my blog. I always give credit :)

Yes, you can! please give me the credit. Thanks!

The two kings
A small drawing … just for fun